USPS change of address can save you a from a whole lot of trouble

When you have the USPS change of address you are ensuring that no one has privy to your personal mail. Imagine if your mail hits your home after you have moved then there is likelihood that it will fall into the hands of unscrupulous people.

In fact, if you don’t go ahead and change the address at the Post Office you are laying yourself open to a lot of dangerous practices. There might be a case of identity theft. If someone sees the mail lying around for a long time, unclaimed then there is a likelihood of someone not only stealing your mail and getting to know of your confidential information but other equally dangerous things as well could happen. Do not lay yourself open to these dangerous activities. Why would you want to go ahead and take a chance on such an important thing by not filling in this ever so easy form?

The other benefit that the USPS change of address fetches you is to be able to keep your credit score intact. How you might wonder. Well, if you don’t receive the credit statement than there is the likelihood of you not paying it. This will make you a defaulter and you will not be able to improve your credit score for long. Rather, ensure that you have all the bills delivered to you so that you know when to pay them.

The USPS change of address will enable the post office to forward your mail to your new address without any hitch. You will never have to miss any important communication such as a wedding invite, a letter from a dear friend or any employment notification. Imagine your tax refunds getting lost just because you didn’t have the USPS change of address done.
When you make the change of address at the USPS change of address you need to specify whether this is permanent or temporary. The time limit for the temporary change of address has been reduced to only six months from the previous one year time limit that was there. If you are going to come back to your new home within six months than the temporary category is what you should check. On the other hand for a permanent category you will have your mails forwarded for a year. If they continue to come to the old address after the time of one year then they will be returned to the sender. The USPS change of address is such a blessing to people relocating.

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